Snowflakes fall on the half-frozen pond across the way.

They whirl in quiet splendor. They twirl and spin like tiny dancers performing a secret waltz known only by the orange glow of the streetlamp above.

I step outside into the night and open my mouth to catch one. I stop and listen like a child, but no sound comes. Not even the rustle of sedge grass answers back. All is quiet. And I think to myself, sometimes God’s voice is like that.

Silent as the new falling snow.

Still, I know He is speaking. In wordless silence, He calms me. In quiet movement, He ushers in peace. It’s more like a dance. The hush of the night swaying my mind to remember how much His grace covers, how much His presence replenishes, how through His Son’s sacrifice, we are all made clean— “whiter than snow” (Psalm 51:7 ESV).

When is the last time you heard Him in the silence? When is the last time you let a quiet moment beckon you, draw you, pull you into His arms for a dance?

Be still and know that I am God” is so much easier said than done (Psalm 46:10). There’s constant noise and clatter. So many things to do and accomplish.

But perhaps God wants us to “be still” not to add another burden to our already overburdened plates. Perhaps He’s calling us to come back to a place of wonder. To enter into that wordless splendor so His presence can lay a white blanket of peace over every hardship, every hurdle, every burden.

Maybe then we might truly know Him as our Prince of Peace. And maybe then we might feel His heart beating for us.

Even when He says nothing at all.

*First published by the Joyful Life Magazine.