Overwhelmed by all the noise? Feeling voiceless in this information-overload age of too many sensationalized news articles and fake social media feeds?

Maybe it’s time to feel heard again.

To silence the noise and pray. That’s what this resource is all about. It’s a challenge to take back your voice. It’s an 18-day opportunity to build a deeper friendship with God by getting back to the truth of God’s Word and connecting with Him through prayer.

What is prayer? 

Prayer is nothing more than talking with God. It’s choosing to be heard. Talk. Listen. Repeat. That’s what you do. You can thank Him. You can petition Him. You can complain or get angry or unburden yourself before Him. Whatever you need to say, say it. God won’t reject you. He created you. He longs to listen, to be the audience you need. And more than anything, He wants to be your Savior, your Father, and your friend.

That’s the heart behind this prayer workbook. May it give you your voice back.

May you truly feel heard by God.

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Conversation Starters: Prayer Prompts to Lead You into Deeper Friendship with God (the book of Philippians)